Happiest Puppies In The World

Top 15 Happiest Puppies In The World

Puppies are known as the true companion of a person. Because, they are only living beings in the whole world, who stay loyal to its master. A dog loves its owner very much. And, that is why many of the people love to pet dogs.

Besides, dogs can provide you the happiest moments in your life. Because they also love to stay happy with you. They admire cuddling, playing, and practicing new activities with their owner.

However, there are so many types of happiest dogs that can proffer you some amazing moments in your life. But, it may become tough for you to choose one, among so many types of dogs.

So, to make your task easier, I have come up to you with the top 15 happiest puppies in the world. So, let’s start knowing these cheerful & best dog breeds. There, you go…

Top 15 Happiest Puppies In The World

  • Labrador Retriever:

The first dog that came at the top of our list of world’s happiest puppy, is ‘Labrador Retriever’. It is famous for its human-friendly and extrovert behavior in the US. This dog will provide you with a pleasant feeling. For instance, whenever you will put your attention on it, it will smile at you. 

Besides, these dogs are just perfect for children, they get adjusted easily with kids. With the joyful and affectionate nature, it also loves to do work. And, they can be utilized for various types of activities, such as hunting, for detecting drugs and so other purposes.So, these breeds are efficient for pets. 

  • French Bulldog:

French Bulldog is also in the lists of our happiest puppies in the world. It has a beautiful crinkled face and they are caring and fun-loving. They are impressively devoted to their family. And, its also love being praised by their master and that’s why they always try their best to please their owner. This puppy is a smart guard, as well. And, when it senses any threat closeby, then, it instantly alerts his family.

Moreover, this adorable puppy loves snuggling on its master’s lap, as same as, they love to play outside.

  • Bearded Collie:

Bearded Collie resembles the ancient English sheepdog due to their similar lengthy and bushy hairs. They are also defined as friendly, springy, intelligent, and charismatic. Besides, these puppies are very enthusiastic and prefer to be with kids and other animals. And, they can be effortlessly and simply trained. As well as, it is also the joyful puppy through the workouts.

And, if you want to pet this puppy, then be ready to be very engaged with it. Because it is the main thing that makes them happy. Another thing, it loves to snuggle with its master.

  • Golden Retriever:

Golden Retriever is a very delighted and loving puppy. This type of puppies adores bonding with their family and also likes to engage with family tasks. These puppies adore the attention, which they receive from their master’s family. 

Besides, they are very clever puppies, who prefer to examine their skills through sports and teaching techniques. And, due to their big mouths, these puppies seem gloomy and cheerful.And, they enjoy playing in the wide backyard and also love to play with kids.

  • Beagle:

In the United State, they are one of the most famous puppies. The American Kennel Club defined these puppies as the happiest, sweet, and cheerful breeds. The polite behavior of this puppy makes it a wonderful family friend. And, they also can play with children for a long time, afterward, they can also cuddle up with their master. 

Besides, they are enthusiastic and lead to teaching and practicing excellently. They are also the cutest puppies with lengthy fluffy ears. For this nature and looks anyone will love to pet these breeds.

  •  Brussels Griffon:

Though this breed is not as popular as other breeds. But, they are also delighted puppies and that’s why they are also in the happiest puppies list.

People fall in affection with them in a short time, for their unique expressions. They are also well-known for their loving and exciting nature. Also, these puppies are energetic and enjoy long walks.And, it’s the best breed that obeys their owner’s guidance.

  • Maltese:

Maltese is a stunning and attractive puppy. They seem the happiest dog. These puppies adore cuddling on their owner’s lap. Also, they are fun-loving with soft nature while playing. 

Sometimes, they also become adamant as they passionately make bonds with only one person. These puppies are just perfect for that family who has only one kid. They will just make a strong bond with that kid for their life-time.

  • Bichon Frise:

It is one of the lovely dogs in the world with affectionate and fun-loving nature. They mainly originated from French Royalty. And, this puppy looks like a combination of flurry which is white. That’s why people acknowledge that it resembles, a cotton ball on its paws. Besides, playing for a while, they just stop playing and desire to cuddle with their master. It is a curious puppy with a joyful and talented characteristic.

Moreover, they were feather-bed in nature, and for this reason, they stay relaxed whenever their master wants to play with them.

  •  Collie:

This breed is famous for its merriest and friendly nature. Collie is exceptionally obedient and dedicated to its master. They are very talented and skillful puppies. And, they enjoy being engaging with kids and other pets. 

As well, the immense knowledge of these puppies allows them to grasp new tricks and also to execute them effortlessly in front of others. And, they seem more delighted, when they were allowed to utilize their mind. This breed is just more than perfect for pets.

  • Bedlington Terrier:


Bedlington Terrier is one of the happiest puppies. But, it is the only exceptional puppy that appears as same as a lamb rather than looking like a dog. It has extended ears with fuzzy tassels on the edge and also fleecy-like cover.As well, it is also recognized for its joyfulness and huge enthusiasm. It adores to be a prominent member of the family and also loves to receive importance from every member of the family. 

Moreover, this puppy seems to be delighted when they play and they are easy to make pleased. This puppy is an outstanding puppy to pet on a family. 

  • Irish Setter:

Irish Setter is a fun-loving and friendly puppy. It likes to do work and also to play fairly. They are full of patience and calm in nature, which makes them a perfect dog to pet. 

It matches up itself easily with other pets, but, mostly with its breed. Besides, it has a pretty coat, which makes it look awesome and magnificent. Anyone will love to have this puppy in their family.

  • Boston Terrier:

It is the happiest puppy on earth, that has gained the title ‘American Gentleman’. This puppy has earned this name due to it’s delightful and gentle personality. They always adore being a member of the family and when they are with their family they seem to be the world’s happiest puppy. And, they are an impressive buddy and also extremely faithful to their master. 

Moreover, it is a very clever and smart puppy. And, also cherishes to show its skills to its master.

  • English Toy Spaniel:

This puppy is famed for its cheerful behavior. This English Toy Spaniel breed is an energetic puppy. But, when it comes to staying quiet, they are novel and respectful. Apart from that, these breeds are very clever and they love playing games that measure their skill. These puppies are extremely-friendly with kids as well as with other pets, too.

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the happiest puppies in the world, which was titled after the late King Charles II. This puppy is a pet for having a friend, instead of being a worker puppy. And, that may be the reason, that they seem so cheerful and convenient.They can be confidently hand over with kids to play. As well, it also enjoys time with its entire family.

Moreover, they are also very playful and willing to entertain everyone.

  • Havanese:

Havana puppies had emerged from Cuba & the Caribbean. They are cheerful and playful puppies and enjoy playing games, that test their abilities. Havanese puppies seem to be fully contented when they cuddle on their master’s lap. They are the sweetest and gentle puppy, which is just a perfect member of a family with kids and other pets. It is a cool puppy that will give affectionate, peace, and happiness to its family.

Final Discussion:

There is no doubt that all the mentioned top 15 happiest puppies in the world are best in their ways. And, puppies are the most excellent animals to pet, because there are no loyal animals as like them. As well, they also proffer happiness to everyone. However, I hope that after reading this article, you have acknowledged the happiest puppies in the world. Also, have understood which one, you will prefer to pet at your home.

Have the best companion journey with your puppy!

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