How To Clean Airpods

How To Clean AirPods

Perhaps your Airpods are nasty? The earwax, sawdust, perspiration, and dirt all these together coated the buds and jammed it.And, you may be thinking about how to clean AirPods? Here is some best way to clean AirPods which you can do easily to clean your AirPods. And, after reading this you will learn about how to clean Airpods in a better and easy way. There, you go…

The Process About How To Clean Airpods:

While cleaning the AirPods, I will suggest you, to use the Airpod cleaning kits, such as dried, soft, carpet fiber-free cloths, sterile cotton wipe for cleaning junks, and gross from your speaker’s surface. One most important thing about AirPods, you have to keep in mind that they are not waterproof. 

In the case of Airpods, the truth is somewhat sort of different in nature. The dirt always gets attached to the Airpods and continues to get trapped inside the mesh of the speaker. For instance, if you normally drop your AirPods into your pocket or purse. Then, after a couple of days, you can observe the joint surface would become nasty.

And, it will be difficult to clean these areas with cotton or any sponge. Because the dirt and other filthy components may be gathered just across under the charging bays, so it may require you to clean up these gross deep down cases. Such as, the dust and other waste can also be trapped at the base of the device.

Although it’s doubtful that Apple’s cleanup guidance will affect your AirPods and you will not have to do a load of cleaning. Thankfully, a few other approaches are available. They are:

  • Cleanse Your Airpods:

The most delicate portion of the AirPods are the earbuds and they need to take care of it the most. And, while cleaning you should avoid giving too much force on the speaker’s mesh. But, if you do so, then the pressure will drive the dust more deep inside the earbud and may displace the mesh of the speaker. And,  that will ruin your AirPods.

So, to be free from this type of issue, you can use smooth clothes to remove the gunks of the outer part of the Airpods. Besides, if there is any strain or hard dust, then you use wet clothes or cotton to remove these. And, most importantly, do wipe the sensors, also.But, to maintain a proper cleaning manner, at first, you need to wipe the grill part with a toothpick or some object similar to it. And,  to remove the trapped dust and gross just utilize the tip steadily and you will be able to take out the dust from it.

You should be aware that not to push much but need to be capable to get out the gunk smoothly. By using the  Blu-tack process, you can neatly clean your AirPods. If you want to clean by this process, then you require to take a part of Blu-tack or related like that, and in your hands, you need to warm it. Push the Blu-tack to the mesh and then easily take it out like push and pull. Until the dirt of the AirPods clean properly, you should continue this manner. Also, you should care about not driving the Blu-tack considerably faraway into the earbud. A Q tip with isopropyl alcohol could also be sprayed and used gently to remove anything that may be caught in the speakers’ mesh. You no need to worry about if there go any excess spirits, it will disappear within a few seconds. 

Moreover, you can follow another method that is you can use a dry sponge to rub-down the AirPods, after that, you may use a small toothbrush which has firm-bristled to eliminate any germ attached.  

  • Brushing Your AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro has silicone edges that offer a closer fit in your ear and you can get off these for quick cleaning. Besides this, Apple insists that you disconnect them and put them under the water so they seem shiny and new. But when you attach them again, ensure that they are completely dried. 

You should not use the AirPods Pro underwater. You need to know that they are water-resistant and if you think it is waterproof that may be wrong. However, it is easy to rub-down your AirPods Pro by using a dry fabric but be conscious while clean it.   

  • Cleansing the Charging Case

Only cleaning  Airpod is not enough, you also have to clean the case of it. Because maybe the charging case of yours is similar gross as your Earbuds and the side surrounding of the joint is much tough to wash. 

In this case, I prescribe you that you can use a firm-bristle small or medium toothbrush to wash the charging case. By using these, you may able to reach to find the thick hinge space. You would desire to moisturize your brush to eliminate the particularly stubborn things. You may find it really difficult to remove any dirt because of the relentless compression created while you lock and unlock the box.

 Remember if your firm-bristle brush will not work you can use a reliable Q-tip and it can able to extract the dirt and before that spry a little bit isopropyl alcohol or spirit but not do not spray right away on the case. While you do it take your patient, probably it will require a few times. Check at the charging bays the AirPods usually are lying in. From the very bottom, there are connections charging which you want to escape harming. You can use a flabby Q-tip will support to keep this area net and safe. When you find any notably sticky stuff, some water or isopropyl alcohol will diminish the end of the Q-tip.  

Lastly, don’t forget the charging case at the base of the Lightning port. To wash this zone a made of wood toothpick performs great. Within the Lightning port you might hurt even charging connections, so do not need to use more energy. And, always be careful when your Airpods are out of it’s, it may also even get the drop on muds or water, which may make it nasty.

Final Discussion:

I hope that you have read and understood how to clean Airpods perfectly.  And, will also apply those process, while cleaning our Airpods.Besides, you should make up a habit of cleaning your Airpods on a daily basis. It will help your Airpod to be free from hard dust and strain. As well as,  the Airpods will be also in good condition.

Have a Good Moment with Your Airpods!

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