Train Your Dog Like A Pro

How To Train Your Dog Like A Pro

Dogs are the real friends of ours. People also love them for their loyalty and cuteness. With that purpose, many of us love to pet dogs.But are you also wishing to have a dog for you? If you are thinking to pet a dog for you, then you will have to start thinking of how to train your dogs like a pro. It’s essential to train your dogs like a pro. Because perfect dog training techniques will not just help your dogs to be a cheerful and faithful dog, but it will teach your dog how to live their life in a disciplined way.

However, you may be over-excited and also may be confused if it is your first dog to pet. But, don’t worry, in this article, I am going to give you some dog training tips and facts, which will help you to train your dog like a pro. So, let’s start with some starting information. There you go…


At first, make a proper dog training commands list, about what and how to do. 

  • Firstly, know how to build a foundation to train your dog in an actual way.
  • You can also include games on the puppies command checklist, and it will make your task easier, to train your puppies by having fun with them.
  • There are several approaches to teaching a dog, but most experts believe that both of the obedience and instructor needs to have a positive attitude.


Now let’s go to the training session & learn to train your dog like a pro

⭐Train to Come:

‘Come’ is one of the essential tasks, that may be needed to teach to your pet when you will call it to come up to you, that time your dogs need to be appropriately trained to understand this sign. 

To train your dog to come, at first, attach a leash and a neckband on your dog. Now, move down to the height of your dog, and then say and try to convince it to come by pulling the leash softly. And, if it comes to you, then inspire and reward your pet with a gift and love. But, do remember, when your dog learns to come to you, as per your instruction. Then, take out the leash and place your dog to play in a secure area.

⭐Train to Sit:

You also need to teach your dog to sit if you want to train your dog like a pro. It does not mean that you will treat your dog like a ‘robot’. You should instruct it to sit when your dog needs to be calm by sitting down. 

Take a treat on your hand, and hold it to the near of your dog’s nose. Then, lift your hand above, and allow your dog’s head to follow the treat. And, the bottom of the dog will be lower when your dog will move its head at up. After that, use the expression ‘sit’, when your dog laid down its bottom on the ground. Also, award him with the treat. Practice it a couple of times a day before the dog mastered it. And instruct your pet to wait in some instances, for instance before feeding times or on a stroll.

⭐Train to ‘Leave It’:

Sometimes you also need to keep your dog away from food or any other things to touch it or to hold it. So, it will be beneficial if you teach the command to ‘leave it’ or to ‘drop it’ to our dog. 

However, to train this instruction to your dog, hold an attractive treat in both of your hands. Then, reveal one treat from your one hand and instruct your dogs to ‘leave it’. And, to seek it, your dog may start to bark, lick, muzzle, or sniff, but you have to overlook its behavior until it drops the object from its mouth. 

But, if he refuses to take your first treats, then show him the second ones from your other hand. You must continue to do this process until it leaves the fist object as per your instruction. And, if the dog leaves the first object as per your command. Then, reward with a special treat and with a smile, as well.

⭐Train to Stay:

The ‘stay’ instruction informs your dog to be calm and to stay at a place in several circumstances. For instance, sometimes your dog may chase after other pets or may leap over the visitors of your home. But, this stay command will help you to make your dog calm down at that time. 

To get going, at first, you have to be assured that your dog has already learned the word “Sit.” Turn the palm of your hand next to your dog and sign him to “Stay.” And, back away your moves, if he stays as per your commands, encourage the dog by providing a gift and love. And, continue to do so always, even though it just lasts for a couple of minutes.

⭐Train to Sleep:

To train your dog like a pro, it is also significant to teach your dog to sleep at his sleeping place. And for that, you will need to make him train for this. For that purpose, offer a warm and cozy bed for your dog to sleep. To make it more relaxing, you can also include a pillow and blankets on your dog’s bed. 

Besides, you can also reward your dog by giving a better meal or by providing a beloved toy to him, at the side of his bed. So, the dogs get a positive vibe from that place and choose that area to sleep. Apart from that, if you are admiring to sleep with your dog on the same bed, then don’t do it immediately. At first, make your dog well-trained. Furthermore, please don’t encourage your pet to jump in an unwelcomed way into your bed.

Moreover, if you want to move your dog’s bed spot, make sure he’s had enough exercise and diet — it will assist him in adapting to a different sleeping place more quickly.

⭐Train To Socialize: 

Socialization involves teaching the puppies or mature dog, by introducing him to such issues, to embrace unfamiliar people, pets, and different places. Socialized pets are fewer prone to have behavioral difficulties, whereas some are usually more comfortable.

But, to make your dogs socialize you will need to make your dog friendly with you and your family members, Then, you can also let your dog play with other pets, as well as, even with the kids of the family. You can also take out your dog at the park for a walk, which will help your dog to adjust to new places and environments. Also, here, it will find unfamiliar people, which will let him adapt to them quickly.

It will also remove the anxiety and fear of your dog. With these, this quality in your dog will also make it happier and a well-mannered pet.

⭐Train About Potty:

If you want to train your dog like a pro, then you have to establish a potty training routine for it. It doesn’t matter, whether wishing to nurture or adopt a dog, you must bear in mind that the digestive tract of a dog runs very fast. But also your puppy will feel the urge to pee and poop about 15-30 minutes after every feeding. And, for this reason, you will have to take your dog outside regularly. Also, have to give your time for this.At first, be assured that your dog has a spot to get released his potty, that looks familiar, and where it sounds secure. It would be best if you took your dog outside for releasing his potty at the time and place on each day. Besides, also try to take your dog to potty, when he wakes up from sleep. 

Apart from that, if you do get upset that wherever the dog pees and poops, he senses it, and becomes depressed and understands little. So, make you are using a thoughtful expression, and be careful while you teach your young friend. And, when your dog will learn to potty at his specific place on the outside, you should treat him with something, that will make him cheerful. Also, do not punish your dog, if sometimes he released his potty on any other place rather than on the selected area. Just take your dog silently to the spot where it needs to potty.

Note that, if you wish to create a practice from your dog, it’s necessary to set up a schedule. Such as bringing your pet outdoor to a particular specific place but also at the same moment, will also help the dog to be a disciplined pet.

Final Discussion:

So, I hope that you may have understood ‘what to’ and ‘how to do’ it. If you want to train your dog like a pro, if you also follow these steps to train your dog, then you will surely get success. But, one most important thing that you have to keep in mind that, you always have to try to understand your dog. Then, not only it will become a perfect well-mannered dog, but also will be the best friends of yours.

Wish you a pleasant time with your dog!

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