Top 10 Skills of an Electrician

In this modern world, everyone wants a good job and wants to settle down with higher standards of living. Often, everyone aims to be a doctor, entrepreneur, pilot, or astronaut, but some want to be an electrical technician.

Being an electrician requires an understanding of complex electronic circuits, electronic systems and devices. You need to be passionate about electronics and understand each part of electronic devices and systems. It’s one of the challenging jobs you’ll ever face. It’s important to know the essential skills of an electrician if you want to be one.

How to become an electrician:

This job is unique, which can give you freedom from boredom; you can become your boss, and unlike other jobs, there’s job security. In our society, there is always a demand for electrical technician jobs because whenever your electrical devices or electrical systems malfunction you are going to need them. Here are some necessary steps to become an electrician. 

  • You will require a high school diploma.
  • Consider getting vocational college or institute.
  • Apply for an apprenticeship.
  • Complete your apprenticeship.
  • Get licensed for an electrical technician (if required).

You may think all electricians can only repair electrical devices, and install wires, and cables but it’s not like that. All electrical technicians are not the same. Technicians have different types of electrical skills and works.

There are 3 types of electricians:

  • Inside electricians– These kinds of electricians work under for a particular business, factories, building, and structures. You know them as wiremen. Inside electricians handle the maintenance and repair of equipment, electrical systems, and electrical motors. They also update or install the whole wiring systems, especially for factories.  
  • Residential electricians– They are always available in your residential area. Generally, residential electricians work troubleshooting power and wiring problems in a home. They work throughout the day in your neighborhood.
  • Telecommunications electricians– These technicians install and repair the cables and systems needed for telecommunications like phones and  computer LAN wiring.

You should have the general skills and traits of an electrician. Here are the top 10 skills of an electrician given below:

  1. Electrical installation and safety knowledge

As an electrical technician, you should have a basic understanding of electrical installation and safety rules. As such, an electrician should follow the necessary safety procedures and regulations. Otherwise, electricity may cause you injury, or you may end up losing your life. Here are 10 safety rules that you must follow while working with electrical circuits or types of equipment.

  • Avoid touching exposed energized parts
  • Disconnect the primary power source while working with electrical circuits
  • Avoid touching electrical circuits with a wet hand
  • Avoid using frayed cords
  • Always wear non-conductive goggles, rubber gloves, and shoes with insulated soles
  • Install GFCIs in the damp or wet area while working with electrical circuits
  • Always use wood and fiberglass ladders
  • Work with only one hand and keep your other hand away from conductive equipment
  • Don’t touch someone who’s been electrocuted
  •  Avoid power lines  

Here are some basic electrical installations and work that are most necessary to know: 

  • Installing switching devices 
  • Installing cables and wires
  • Tubing and electrical conduits
  • Maintaining and installing Fire Alarms Systems
  • Installing wiring circuits
  • Installing fixtures and related electrical types of equipment at construction sites
  • Inspect electrical components, like as transformers and circuit breakers
  • Know the local and state wiring code 
  1. Critical and creative thinking skills

Most electrical engineers can think critically and creatively. As such, electrical engineers produce, design, and craft the production of electrical types of equipment, devices, and systems. On the other hand, an electrician maintains and repairs electrical devices, equipment, and systems.

Besides, electricians should able to understand, think critically, and creatively like electrical engineers. If you fail to do so, then you may not understand how the electrical devices and pieces of equipment perform. 

  1. Complex problem-solving skills

One of the most important skills of an electrician is solving complex problems like electrical engineers. Electricians are experts at solving complicated problems in electrical devices, equipment, and systems. You need to solve complicated issues efficiently and individually. 

In any other job, there’ll be a problem-solver. Electrical devices and types of equipment can malfunction at any time. The electrician finds the problem in electrical devices and equipment and solves it wisely.

  1. Communication skills

It’s important to develop communication skills between you and your clients. You need to understand their wants and desires. If you are self-employed, then you have to get along with your clients and be friendly with them. Otherwise, you may lose your clients. Communication skills also include: 

  • Listening to others
  • Ask appropriate questions
  • Ability to understand written and spoken information
  • Following orders 
  • Instructing apprentices
  1. Dependability skills

You must be dependable because your clients or your company relies on you to get the job done correctly. You should be professionally committed to your clients and must complete the operation on time. Employers usually look for electricians who will show up on time and are punctual at work.

  1. Circuit analysis

In most of the electrical devices and pieces of equipment include circuits. Every electrical technician must have a solid understanding of basic circuit designs. Circuits are the complicated electrical designs that include highly advanced pieces of small hardware. 

Circuit analysis is one of the most difficult skills of an electrician. If you lack knowledge of the operation mode of circuits, you could barely fix them. An electrical circuit contains electrical components, such as batteries, switches, bulbs, resistors, capacitors, transistors, and diodes.

  1. Business skills

Some electricians are running their company successfully and are working independently. Gradually, you will develop business skills as you are working for a company for a long time. General business practices like tracking inventory, invoicing, managing employees, and strategies will help you to develop your business skills. Having business skills are the skills of an electrician. ‘Practice makes a man perfect.’

  1. Customer service skills

Potential customers are important for running a business. You need to attract potential customers with some skills. Electricians must have customer service skills to that includes:

  • Politeness
  • Professional
  • Honesty
  • Friendly 
  • Trustworthy 
  • Neat and tidy
  • Reasonable fees
  1. Time management

Time is a valuable resource. Time must be the top priority for an electrician. As such, many employers seek electricians who prioritize time and complete the operations at a scheduled time. Companies likely hire electricians who have increased productivity and skills. Increasing productivity means electricians will take less time to finish their work before deadlines. Time management is one of the main skills of an electrician.

10. Patience and self-control

Patience is a virtue as well as self-control, but everybody doesn’t have. Having patience isn’t easy at all, especially at the workplace. Self-control is about holding back one’s impulses like being angry. It’s one of the crucial skills of an electrician, but it lacks most of them. Electricians should not be annoyed or irritated easily by someone. Being annoyed or angry will just make the situation worse. 

On the other hand, self-control will help you to stay calm while you are angry or irritated. Electricians may work with difficult people, so it’s wise to maintain your patience and self-control over your emotions. You need to focus on your work and give your best efforts.       


According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, electricians are certified and licensed but not being hired. You need an electrician resume to convince the hiring manager that you are qualified for the job, and you have the skills and abilities of an electrical technician. Electrical technicians must be at least 21 years old and also be physically fit. You can gain electrical education from a vocational school.  

In conclusion, the skills of an electrician are valuable and important to know if you want to become an electrician. This job is very dangerous, but if you follow the safety rules, the risks will be less. Electricians install, repair electrical powers, communication systems in homes, businesses, and factories every day.

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